Dear Padel Lovers,

Padel Qatar has created a system (WE PLAY?) where you can play all the matches you want with new people within your same level and availability.

To sign up you must click on the link that you consider to be your current skill set. 


Level 1 - 2

  • You just get started to play Padel. Your biggest challenge is to return the ball once or twice.
  • You know the basic positions, although during the game it is not that intuitive to be in the right place at the right moment. 
  • You can rally with a slow ball that doesn’t touch the walls. 


Level 2 - 3

  • You begin to have control of your position in the court, the basic strikes and start giving some speed to the ball.
  • Also, you have a bit more control of your and your partner’s space and get closer to the net to win the point. You can guess where the ball will go.
  • You understand the game and you are able to read the direction of the balls that bounce off the glass wall. You know what you would like to do in every moment but it still hard for you to control fast and tensioned balls.
  • You use the glass walls as a defensive resource. 


 Level 3 - 4 

  • The game gets serious. You control the speed of your balls, going from medium to high, and you define the strikes with the forehand. You anticipate, define points from the net while looking for the weak spot of the opponent.
  • You use the glass walls as an offensive resource. 


Level 4 - 5

  • This level requires a really good anticipation and strategy in the game, and you know how to do it perfectly.
  • You adapt to the opponent’s game, you find his weakness and go for it. In the speed control bumps, you have good depth and power. 


In 1 week more than 400 players have signed up for WE PLAY? There is no excuse for not having fun an meet new people this Summer. 

We count on you 🤗!


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