In our efforts to infuse Qatar with padel, we are delight to bring Juan Martín Díaz and Hernan 'Bebe' Auguste to Qatar. Both of them are padel legends.

Bebe won more than 100 professional padel tournaments since 1991 in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Mexixo, Paraguay and France and he has been world champion 8 times. Actually works for World Padel Tour as a International Expansion

Juan Martín Díaz will play this season with Paquito Navarro on the World Padel Tour. He has been number one during 13 years and won 170 finals form 191 in which he participated. He won 4 World Championships, 2 European Championships, 6 Spanish Championships, 3 Teams Spanish Championships and 2 Mix Spanish Championships amongst others.

On Saturday the 10th of February...

We invite you all to participate on this padel exhibition which will be celebrated in Al Arabi Sports Club new padel facilities.

At 14.30h courts will be ready for everyone who wants to come and play free. Sign up previously only by whats up either for the contest or to play with Juan Matin and Hernan Auguste (+974 6685 2539).

A tie break contest up to 10 points with deciding point. 

At 16.00h Juan Martin and Bebe Auguste will be sharing the courts with all the people registered for the event, playing each one in one court. Every 5 minutes 6 new players will share the court with them.

At 17.30h an Exhibition match will be played by Juan Martin and Bebe Auguste.

If anyone is interested on to create a personalized event with them on Friday 9th February in Qatar Sports Club facilities, please contact us on +974 5030 0563.

We wish all of you will be able to enjoy that unique experience.

See you at the courts.

Smile & Enjoy




Find attached the final ranking of the 2nd Round of the Padel Qatar League after a month full of padel matches.

Remember that the first 2 teams of each group will promote to the upper division and the last 2 will relegate. 

For the upcoming round, the duration of the league will be 35 days instead of 30, therefore, there will be more time for people to book their matches.

Hope to see you again in the 3rd Round of the League that will take place from he 10th of January until the 15th of February 2018. 

Smile & Enjoy

Padel Qatar Team


On the occasion of Qatar National Day, the prize for the 2nd Open QPT winners will be two of ours Royal Padel Special Qatar Edition racquets.

Good Luck to all the participants.

Smile & Enjoy



As Qatar National Day is approaching, Padel Qatar and Royal Padel have decided to create a special commemorative racquet: the Royal Padel Qatar Edition.



As you know the 1st Round of the I Padel Qatar League is going to start. Finally we distribute the teams in what we considered the best and fairest option. The first idea was 6 Divisions and at the end it has been extended to 10, so almost nobody is going to play on the same division signed up for.

Enclosed you can find each one of the divisions with their corresponding teams. Today only only the League players will receive the contact numbers of the rest of participants.

It is allowed to book padel courts (only for the League) with more than 5 days in advance. Once you agreed the timmings with your teammates and opponents contact us in the 66852539 (what’s up) and we will book the court for you. Remember it is ‘first come first serve’ basis.

The fees, which should be secured before the start of the tournament, include the courts bookings for 1.5 hours (4 matches).

Hope you will enjoy it.

See you at the court.


After two weekends of sport and excitement the I Padel Tournament of the State of Qatar came to an end.

In the Gold Division the final victory is for Mr Abdulaziz Al Kuwari and Victor Sanchez, beating Carles Planas and Xavier Alvarez by 6-2/6-3.

Moreover, in the Silver Division the winners are Jassem Mulla and Anas Alomrany, beating Faisal Al-Suaibi and Mohammad Al-Shaabi by 6-1/6-2.

Also, for those who were unlucky on the first round a Consolation Tournament has been played in parallel. Xavier Pedrero and Carlos Ruiz are the winners in the Gold Consollation draw after beating Omar Mohammed and Nasser Al Kuwari by 6-1/6-2. Meanwhile in the Consolation Silver Draw the victory has gone for Daniel Boan and Miguel beating Ibrahim Al Janahi and Salem Al Marzuqui by 6-3/6-4.

80 players were fighting for the victory since Friday 14th. 


We are moving forward with the I TOURNAMENT OPENING SEASON 2017 PADEL QATAR on the Silver Category, and we are glad to see you enjoying and supporting the players around the courts.

On the following link you can check the dates and matches updates of the Consolation Draw for the Silver and Gold Category.

Wish you are having a good time.

Smile & Enjoy


Once upon a time...

Sixteen friends asked Padel Qatar to arrange a tournament in which all of them had to play against each other. This began the first All-Play-All padel tournament in Qatar.

As they were 16, the group was split in 2: 8 of which played on Friday 28th July 2017 and the other 8 on Saturday 29th of July 2017.

The best 4 players from each group qualified to play a new All-Play-All on a yet to be confirmed date. This will determine who will be the one to conquer the Tournament.

The picture shows the 8 qualified players, but it was a good performance from all 16. Well done!!!

To be continued...


In our committment to support the promotion of the healthy lifestyle and physical activity among the Qatari citizens, we have reached an agreement with some schools to offer padel as an extra curricular activity. 

Starting on the 17th of September 2017, from Sunday to Thursday, padel courts will be booked for schools from 3.30pm until 6.30pm and Saturdays from 8am until 11am.

There will be a yearly trip abroad for the children to participate in an interschool padel tournament along with cultural activities from the chosen country (more information will come about this event).

Looking forward to seeing children enjoying and embracing the sport.


What happens when someone reaches a milestone? A celebration must come and we could not think about a better way but playing the first padel match in Qatar history with familiy and friends, right after the day the courts were finished, on the 22nd of June 2017.

We also tested the condition of the turf, the cristal walls and the brand new rackets and balls. It passed with honors!



On the 4th June 2017, two containers arrived to Hamad Port, one of 40 ft and the other one of 20ft, each one of them with all the required equipment to install the first padel courts in Qatar. They are located outside, in the parking lot of the Qatar Sports Club where the team of @Padel10 @Padelgest International, with the full support of our local contractor, worked long hours to get them installed as planned.

Nor the heat neither the endless working hours could avoid the unavoidable: the padel courts were finally settle down on the 21st of June 2017.

The adventure begins!


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