About Us

   Abdulaziz Saadon Al Kuwari and Xavier Pedrero met in 2011 and since meeting have maintained a professional and friendly relationship. Both are keen sportsmen who enjoy challenging each other in various sporting activities. Recently both have had a dream and vision of bringing the sport Padel to Qatar. This is now a reality. They are glad that everyone can share in their dream and discover the joy of one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

   Abdulaziz has always been a man linked to sport as a former football player for Qatar Sports Club, tennis player for the Qatar National Team and currently a professional rally driver.

   Xavier too has been linked to the world of professional and recreational sports as a physical trainer for 20 years. After discovering padel in his native city of Barcelona he immediately considered it as the ideal sport for all.

   Padel players will now have the chance to play this sport in Qatar.

   Those who never came across with this sport before will discover the joy of playing it hoping to be part of the new craze in Doha.

   See you at the court!!!