Dear ladies,

We are glad to introduce you the Fall Tournament 2020.

It consist on 2 groups of 12 Teams each; Gold for the most advanced players and Silver for the begginer ones.

Each team will play a minumum of 2 matches.

The stage group of Category Gold will be played on 20th of October while the Silver will be played on Wednesday the 21th of October.

Semi-Finals and Finals will run on the 22nd. 

Registration fees150QAR per player


  • The winner of the match will be the team who reach 9 games with a difference of 2
  • Final matches will be played best of 3 sets
  • In case of draw 9/9 a tie break will be played
  • In case of doubt during a point the point will be repeated.
  • A 5 minutes courtesy will be granted before the start of each match
  • After accomplished the 5 minutes of courtesy the team not ready at the court will be considered as W.O. (Walk Over)
  • The final category allocation for each team is at discretion of Padel Qatar

Looking forward to seeing you at the court.

Smile & Enjoy

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