Dear padel players:

Hope all of you are safe and sound.

Below you can find the final position for each team and category after finishing the 1st League Round. Teams in GREEN colour will be promoted and teams in RED will be relegated. Some variations may be done in relation with the teams thay will continue, the new ones and teams that will withdraw.

Registration period for the new round will be opened for all teams until 19th of November through the website http://www.padelqatar.com/Campeonatos/FormularioInscripcionCampeonato.aspx?id=44 and the players will be allocated in proper categories depending on the previous round. Remember you must chose your category but Padel Qatar has the right to modify it.
The second round will take place from 23rd November to 22nd December and the ability to book in advance is still available.

Have a look to the new punctuation and rules information at http://www.padelqatar.com/Campeonatos/Liga.aspx?idcampeonato=44

New teams are welcomed!

Have a great day and see you at the courts


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