Open Tournament March 2020

Dear Padel Lovers,

Wish all of you are happy and full of health to play padel. PadelQatar team is proud to see the growing up of both level and padel number of players, it is the main reason Padel Qatar was created :-)

After a period of silence, you have ready the first tournament of Padel Qatar 2020, the March Open Tournament. It will run between the 9th and 15th of March 2020.

It is formed by 3 categories (A as the higher level and C for Beginners, being B for intermediates). Every team will play a minimum of 2 matches, with consolation phase.

Registration and fees of 200QAR are required before the 7th of March.

Register online or in the phone 6634 4036

Good luck to everyone.

Smile & Enjoy

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